Memories of David

Ten years have gone by since we lost Dave.  It still seems like yesterday he was here with us, and we all have our different memories of him. Jessie and Lorna have changed a lot in that time, and ten years is a significant portion of their lives. So this site is a place where we can share our own recollections of Dave, for a couple of reasons;   We will enjoy recalling our time with him and Lorna and Jessie can get to know him through us now that they’re old enough to hear some of the stories.

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  1. I mostly remember David when he was young, because I was out working and he was out ROCKIN! when he was a teenager. The first memory I have is of Debbie, Karen and me driving over to the Coombe Hospital to collect mam. We waited in the car, three of us in the back seat, no seatbelts of course because that was the way it was done in those days.

    We waited for a while then mam and Dad came back to the car and we got our first look at the baby. David was quite dark – and I remember thinking that he had lovely cheeks. He was mostly blanket though. He seemed quite big for a baby. He went home to our new house in Baldoyle in mam’s arms. We all had to be very good because mam was tired after having the baby. I think we were reasonably well behaved but you’d have to check with an unbiased witness.

  2. I remember that too Martin! And he was put outside door in big silvercross pram for a bit of air but it was probably to give poor mammy a break!! Even from that early on we looked out for him without being asked! Lol

  3. My best memories of Dave are from 1994 to around 2001. This was the time I knew him best. Our first time meeting, outside of school, was at the Racecourse Inn Tuesday night karaoke . He was sitting at the bar with Hairy having a drink. I was with my friend at the other end of the bar when the barman gave us 2 drinks from “the lads at the bar”. My friend insisted we had to send one back or we might owe them something :-) Dave, ever the gentleman, walked me home and took my number. No mobiles in those days so took a few weeks for him to reach me and he invited me to his house. We swopped Grove membership cards because our photos were on them, you couldn’t see his face for all the hair. I bought him an Infectious Grooves cd for his 19th birthday a couple of weeks later.

    I remember how we would get to the station at Bayside and the gates would be locked and he would bring me home the long way round the seafront on the handlebars of his bike. This was before we had Jessie and he bought the little blue Fiat Uno to ferry us around.

    When we lived in Clonsilla and he was out practicing with the band he would wake me up when he got home with a bag of chips and a spice burger from Romayos.

    I wish I could share properly my memory of the joy on his face when his two girls were born.

    My few memories mentioned here are simple, small but happy ones. Ones that I hope help Jessie and Lorna remember the kind of man that Dave was.

  4. I remember Dave in a slightly different way to the ones mentioned here so far…….my Uncle Dave was a legend, in more ways than one my memories of him are rather scattered and sporadic, as I was only 10 when he left us. I remember he used to slag me something terrible about playing football I remember jumping on his bed and how he used to look (he was very hairy) I remember the way he was like a dad to me, and he’d always find time and listen to anyone. I remember when he sang and played guitar for me, to which I asked him “Can you teach me someday?” And he gave me a cheeky smile and said “Yeah of course!”. I remember tickle fights, and wrestling (he always let me win) I even remember carrying him and Jay home from Howth I believe with my mam Dave was a great man, brother, father, friend, son, and Uncle on top of so much more……..he managed to be more than just one of those to me and I can’t believe it’s nearly 10 years gone since he left.
    Love you Dave, now and always ❤️

  5. Ah jaysus Ciara, I’ve a tear in my eye reading that. So lovely. I remember so much and yet forget too. Some of my earlier memories are most vivid. I remember being very small and looking up to him, wanting to play cars with him just because he was cool. :)
    I don’t think he felt the same about me at such a young age. We used to play Starsky and Hutch shooting things out the back window of my Dad’s car, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing but just played along. :)

  6. I have loads of memories of course so I will put them up as they spring to mind….when he was younger himself and Barbara were my ‘students’ I taught them to sing ‘I know him so well’ I am not sure whether he sang the Elaine Paige or Barbara Dickson part but he sang it brilliantly! And then he was off on his music journey. I also remember years later when he was shouting at Lorna for throwing stones at cars. None of us believed Lorna had done it but Dave knew best. He used to make chicken nuggets for the girls and always put some on for my kids too. Tiernan was very small but remembers Dave and Martin coming to granny’s and Dave had his guitar. He was teaching me the guitar once but we ended up having a session of music, song and cider.

  7. Like all the lads who we all hung out with, there’s so many stories we all individually have from our time spent with Dave. My own personal ones range from the time we ended up at the wrong address for a house party, got arrested for trespassing which included an overnight stay (without breakfast!) at Malahide Garda Station to Dave’s famous green Fiat Punto, which also had an overnight stay in a ditch in Lahinch! Before setting up East Coast together in 1999, we spent about a year in a covers band appropriately named “Rockbottom” and whether it was playing for a room full of old age pensioners with hearing aids, requests sent up to the stage with “please take a break” on it, or people walking out the door shouting “you’s are the worst band I’ve ever heard in me life” meself and Dave would be in stitches every night……before, during and after every gig! From the time Jessie was born and Dave rang and asked us to spread the word around the Racecourse that him and Ciara were now the new owners of a brand new 95-D baby girl, his laugh got louder and his passion for life and his music grew stronger. He raised his game as a man when the girls were in his care and he grew happier as they grew older. As the first Dad out of all the lads, he set the standard in how to love and show respect for your kids and it’s been the template on which the rest of us with kids have all followed suit.
    It was an honour to have known Dave and although it were for just the same length of time since he has left us, we had some great times, great laughs and a bunch of fantastic memories.
    Still to this day, he remains the only person I’ve ever come across who could fall into a deep sleep and snore his head off …..with his eyes wide open!
    Miss ya loads Dave. X

  8. There’s the time we went to a 21st 70s fancy dress and his flares split the whole way up the back, even the waistband and I had to try and hold it together with hair clips from my wig.

  9. I remember when he got into heavy metal. And it turns out there are lots of types of heavy metal. Speed. Hardcore Punk. Death Metal and a few more. He was into a band called ‘Martha Splatterhead’. Anyway – I came home from work one day and he had covered the ENTIRE room with black posters. It was like living in a morgue. So I flipped. Negotiations ensued and a compromise was reached in which half, exactly half, of the room would be covered in black posters of various metal bands and the other half would be left empty.

  10. I remember when he was about 5 instead of saying ‘What on earth!’ he’d say ‘What the earth!’ He was a very friendly little chap and had loads of friends. He never really got angry with them – he was always agreeable and easygoing.

  11. I remember Damo and Dave made a horror movie. It included wig on a string that crept up behind Damo and while he was having a nice cup of tea.

    At one point the camera moves through the house as the scary music in the background gets louder and faster. Eventually the camera is pointing at the wardrobe in my parents’ room and the music is telling us that the moment of horror is about to happen! The door flies open and…

    inside is David playing the haunting music, and he just says ‘Oh howaya’

  12. Sandra told me (Martin here) that although David was a vegetarian for a few years he didn’t like vegetables.

    He closest he got to a pea was having one in a veggie burger.

  13. “Dave, do you want a sausage as I doing a fry” & he says I’ll have whatever n look at plate when a whole fry up didn’t appear! Lol

  14. I remember Debbie used to bring us out a lot as kids usually to jumble sales as well as the ‘trying to teach us to sing’! He had a grumpy face in most photos and ran away as far as Seagrange park once. I think he also threw stones at us when we were at the zoo.

    Debbie also taught us Tomato/Tomato song, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad and I was the Barbara Dickson to his Elaine Paige. Years later in our Karaoke Tuesdays we’d sing Elton John and Kiki Dee, mostly tipsy of course.

    He was always happiest in Jessie & Lorna’s company and loved going places with them.

    I used to love hearing all the stories about him and the lads when I was a bit too young to go out. Many a night we heard them all laughing in Seagrange.

    I also remember he was in a band I think with Alan Power and Glen O’Rourke called Charon, Ciara might remember that?

  15. So many memories, will sit down and write out a few of the more memorable events in a bit of detail soon. But what I remember the most is also probably what I miss the most aswel, his laugh. In all fairness we did laugh alot, at the most stupid of things, all the time. He was a funny fu**er and great crack to be around. The world is a duller place without him thats for sure.

  16. Just after Dave died I wrote this song for him, It has had a few public airings to a few tears.. It’s hard to sum Dave up, I still do things and see things and think “what would Dave think of this..” (most of them would end up with Dave wetting himself laughing…) It took a long time for me to not include him in the general texts for the Saturday nights out and even now after about 20 phones I still have his number in my phone. Some people come into your life and they never leave, no mater what happens, and it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that they’re not where you’d like them to be, but regardless of all the pain and loss I wouldn’t change a second of it, the memories still make me laugh.. So anyway here’s the song (music wise think Babylon but better..!)

    “Gone, but not forgotten”

    They say the darkest part of the day, is when you’re hiding from the sun,
    But that was something, we could never accuse you of,
    You could see the tunnel, but never see the train,
    You could feel the ocean, but never feel the rain,

    And I can still hear you now,
    And I wish you were here right now..

    You made us laugh, you made us cry, you blew us all away,
    You may be gone but you’re not forgotten

    When I got the phone call I just couldn’t believe,
    That you were gone, you were far too young to leave,
    Now in our world there is a space no one can fill,
    But in our hearts there is a place you always will

    And I can still hear you now,
    And I wish you were here right now..

    You made us laugh, you made us cry, you blew us all away,
    You may be gone but you’re not forgotten

    (Middle 8 bit…)
    And there were two that called you Daddy,
    And there were two that called you Son,
    And there were so many that called you friend,
    I’m just glad that I was one,

    And I can still hear you now,
    And I wish you were here right now..

    You made us laugh, you made us cry, you blew us all away,
    You may be gone but you’re not forgotten

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